When you advertise with 305 hive, you can place one or more ads in the Newsletter. We offer a range of advertising options and types, from one-time insertions to ongoing branding campaigns, to Special Editions, to periodic Dedicated email blasts. The ads you place with us depend on your business, your objectives, and your budget. To inquire about details, specs, rates, and deadlines, email us at advertise@305hive.com

How it works:

Members of the HIVE subscribe to the Newsletter. They post. They reply to others’ posts. They forward it to their friends. They promote their events. They advertise their businesses… you get the point!


More than 15,000 people subscribe to the 305 Hive newsletter. Most are parents with kids of all ages. Over 90% are women, here’s more. Our Subscribers are voracious readers. Culture enthusiasts. Fashion mavens. Foodies. World travelers. Social butterflies. And busy bees. They are women. Men. Family. Friends. Neighbors. Colleagues. Executives. Entrepreneurs. Educators. Civic leaders. Philanthropists. They are kind. Loyal. Educated. Social. Well-read. Discerning. Influential. Helpful. Generous. Creative. Passionate. Philanthropic. Selfless. And this is what makes them part of our 305 HIVE.

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